Mother 3 is brilliant.

I just finished playing Mother 3 recently and would like to HIGHLY recommend it to anyone that has even a remote interest in playing video games and/or just has an interest in stuff that is culturally relevant to the modern world we live in:

For your reference:

Hopefully you’ll be as amazed as I was at how good this game is and more than that, how utterly relevant it is to the world we live in, even more so today than when it was first released. Don’t let the cutesy albeit lovely visuals fool you; there’s a deep, serious, thought provoking and heart wrenching tale just beneath the lovely cartoony surface 😉

You can play this game on either your PC or Mac using something like Visual Boy Advance for PC or OpenEmu for Mac, which you can download here:

Visual Boy Advance (PC):

OpenEmu (Mac):

Then you just need to download the English patch of the ROM and run it in the emulator, which you can get here: (Click the English prepatched version)


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