I love me some semi-transparent systems

Inspired by the upcoming special edition Pokémon 2DS systems:

Nintendo in particular has quite a history of semi-transparent consoles. Here’s one of the earlier examples:

I used to own one of the semi-transparent “Funtastic” N64 systems, the “watermelon” one, and it was honestly gorgeous:

Pictures don’t do it full justice.

There was a whole range of cool colours in the Funtastic series:

Even Apple’s been known to do the whole transparent effect on some of its products at times—usually it’s more about certain elements that are actually fully transparent, but it looks great regardless:

And check out this sweet Macintosh prototype:

I’d like to see a new Apple system that looked like this.

When done right, I really think the whole semi-transparent look, or even a few fully transparent elements on a largely opaque/solid design, can work really well.

Maybe Nintendo will go with a similar look for its upcoming NX system—well, I can dream. . . .


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