SNES Mode 3 images can look gorgeous

The images below are doing nothing other than using what is possible in Mode 3 on SNES, with its 8bpp and 256-colours total onscreen from the 32,768 colour palette, and this is even before any HDMA or colour math is applied. There’s even enough VRAM spare to maybe have a little scrolling and stuff too (may or may not require switching some new tiles in on the fly), along with potentially a simple second background layer for some parallax and some sprites in there also. But, even just as static images and nothing else, they can look beautiful, and far beyond anything I’ve ever seen in any commercial games or even modern SNES indie games to date:


So, why in the hell aren’t any SNES indie guys using this kind of quality of stuff in their games, even for menus and cutscenes and the like?

Note: Any black bars/borders you see on those images above are only there because I directly shrunk the original source images down from real art examples to fit on SNES (and then I just reduced them to SNES colours and posterized them to 32 levels to match its palette). They obviously weren’t originally made with the SNES aspect ratio in mind, so I just filled the blank spaces with black to have them fit the full screen area on SNES. If someone were to draw/paint images in the SNES aspect ratio from the start (I’d suggested maybe doing so at much higher resolution and with no colour limits originally in say Photoshop or using actual physical paints or whatever, and then scaling that high-quality art down to work on SNES could work best), they could still get that image quality above at full screen on SNES in the final output result. There’s more than enough VRAM on SNES to do full-screen 8bpp 256-colour images with all unique tiles like those plus a little bit more besides, like I said.

I mean, I already posted the video below before, but you can see how much potential there is in taking advantage of all those colours properly (and this stuff still isn’t even fully optimized for SNES):

PS. Even though Brad actually coded this 8bpp 256-colour palette cycling stuff (kudos), it was my idea in a thread on SNESdev that he was part of that led to him even bother doing so, when most other people were actually very dismissive of the suggestion or were trying to unnecessarily gimp it in some way out the gate.

It’s crazy that I, as some random who can’t even program on SNES directly, seem to be suggesting stuff the SNES development community isn’t even bothering with for the most part, be it with high-colour stuff like this or even my Mode 0 concepts [originally created in GameMaker 8.1) that I’ve posted before but will post here again (and a couple of other things):

Where is the SNES dev-scene’s drive and passion to actually show off this console, which presumably they are supposed to love, and push it to its limits in modern times?

The stuff we could be seeing on SNES . . .


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