Images of new HTC Vive headset and controllers leak

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So, here’s an image of the new Vive controllers:

Pretty sweet. The new controller design definitely looks much, much better than the prototype model.

But it was kind of inevitable that I would be a fan, seeing as I basically came up with largely the same design over 10 years ago (and, in fact, long before I ever submitted the particular designs below to IGN):…/predicting-the-revolution-reader-submis…

Take note: My design(s) included duel motion controllers (can be used individually, or one in each hand, or with two players holding one each), with very specifically circular multi-touch pads in the centre (or actual screens in my case, which can also be clicked like buttons in 8 directions, plus in the centre too, so they can also work a bit like a digital d-pad), a single main “Home” button above the touch pad, with a trigger underneath the controller, and both “wands” exactly the same/symmetrical in design.

Of course, my design also had a couple of extra elements, like the analog brake grip beneath the trigger (used with any of your spare fingers, with index on the trigger obviously), the fully customisable screen display (game creators could show whatever they want, from virtual buttons to swing power meters, or whatever), the fully removable/interchangeable screen/pad area (so you could insert a classic d-pad and face buttons for retro games for example), and my later designs actually had three “Menu” type buttons below the circle pad (would have been something like “Back”, “Menu”, and “Start”):

What I’m basically saying is that I was ahead of the game, again, but basically have nothing to show for it. There’s not millions of pounds in my bank account. 😦

One day, Kirk. . . . One day. . . .

PS. I’m sooo excited about all this upcoming VR stuff: HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, PlayStation VR, etc. 😀

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